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LED Display

LED Display

Top quality is the sum of experience, expertise and innovation. MY-SEMI represent these core competences by taking control of the entire manufacturing process - from LED Driver design, wafer manufacturing to packing and testing, we therefore ensure that our LED Drivers can be operated to their full potential and that all the internal and external components are perfectly matched to one another.

MY-SEMI are committed to realizing the broad potential for LED indoor/ outdoor display – both today and tomorrow. The company’s research and development efforts are reflected in its excellent LED Driver performance. MY-SEMI’s pioneering LED Drivers offer lowest power consumption, highest EMI reduction and highest precision.

MY-SEMI demonstrates what we are capable of: creativity and flexibility. In close cooperation with our customers, we will be pleased to offer support and advice in all aspects of high-quality lighting.

Turing possibility into reality - only with MY-SEMI LED Driver solutions.

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Our Product Line

  1. MY9758A - 3x16-Channel Common-Cathode LED Driver with NMOS Switches For Dynamic 1/32 Scanning System
  2. MY9758 - 3x16-Channel Common-Cathode LED Driver with NMOS Switches For Dynamic 1/32 Scanning Systems
  3. MY9866 - 18-Channel High Accuracy Constant Current LED Driver With Double Latch Technology
  4. MY9748 - 3x16 Channel Common-Cathode LED Driver with NMOS Switches for Dynamic 1/32 Scanning Systems
  5. MY9366- Support lower output current at 0.4mA for fine pitch dynamic LED display
  6. MY7122 - Dual-Channel Switch MOS
  7. MY9269
  8. MY9263
  9. MY9262
  10. MY9221
  11. MY9168
  12. MY9163
  13. MY9183

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