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Quality Policy

MY-Semi Inc. believes that compliance with regulations and continuous improvement of our products and services will benefit our customers as well as the business.

MY-Semi will strive to provide superior semiconductor products for worldwide customers and cultivate mutually beneficial, long-term partnerships.

MY-Semi will apply its dedication to quality to every facet of the company, and sustain a culture of continuous improvement to assure customer satisfaction. Our ultimate goal is zero defects in everything we do.

MY-Semi will adopt expedient containment programs to shield our customers from any insufficiency until each has been permanently corrected. We are responsible for and to each other regarding this goal.


The reliability tests have been executed to qualify devices and packages. By the reliability testing, MY-Semi could continuously monitor the stability of manufacturing process and even detect the abnormalities of product at the early stage.

Two categories of testing have been implemented at My-Semi Inc.

For reliability of device:
  1. High Temperature Operating Life test (HTOL) :
    The purpose of executing HTOL test is to evaluate the life time of product and also monitor the quality of Foundry manufacture processes.
    Item Condition Duration
    High Temperature Operating Life Test
    JEDEC JESD22-A108C
    125℃,5V 1000 hrs
  2. ESD test:
    Two test models (HBM and MM) are applied to each product based on MIL-STD 883 and JESD22. The ESD sensitivity of each our product is at least 2KV for HBM and 200V for MM.
  3. Latch-up Test:
    The Latch-up capability(I>100mA)of each product has been evaluated based on JESD78.
For reliability of package:

Six items of static Reliability testing, which follow the JESD22 Standards, have been adopted to verify the assembly capability of a specific package for product. When qualifying a new assembly supplier, surveying a new package for product, or changing the materials of package, all of the six tests would be applied to each assembly supplier for executing and the final results would be approved by My-Semi Inc.

Item Condition Duration
Temp Cycles ( -65°C ~ +150°C ) , 5 cycles
→ Bake 125°C , 24 hrs
→ 30°C / 60% RH,192hrs(MSL. Level 3)
→ IR reflow 260°C , 3 cycles
IR 3 cycles
Pressure Cooker Test (PCT)
121°C, 100% RH, 2atm 168 hrs
Temperature Cycling Test (TCT)
-65°C ~ +150°C / 30min
Air to Air
200 cycles
Temperature & Humi Test ( THST )
85°C / 85% RH 1000 hrs
High Temperature Storage ( HTS )
150°C 1000 hrs
Steam age 93°C / 8 hrs ,
Solder Temp. 260°C / 5 sec
Every lead solderability

The detail procedure of static reliability testing is shown as below.


Green Compliance

Because of the environmental concerns all over the world, MY-Semi Inc. is committed to reduce and even eliminate the use of hazardous (banned) substances in our products and pay more attention to the latest information about restricted substance to meet the regulation of relevant laws, one of which is RoHS (directive 2002/95/EC). The banned substances defined in RoHS regulation are listed as below. All products (including Pb Free Product *1 and Green Product *2) of MY-Semi could certainly meet the requests of RoHS.

Banned Substance Limitation
A1 Cadmium and its compounds (Cd) < 100 ppm RoHS(2002/95/EC)
A2 Hexavalent Chromium and its compounds (Cr6+) <1000 ppm RoHS
A3 Lead and its compounds (Pb) <1000 ppm RoHS
A4 Mercury and its compounds (Mg) <1000 ppm RoHS
A5 Polybrominated biphenyls,C6 (PBBs) <1000 ppm RoHS
A6 Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) <1000 ppm RoHS

MY-Semi had also prepared and qualified the Green materials for products (called as Green Product *2), which could meet the further environment regulation about banning the use of Brominated flame retardant and Antimony (Sb) in phase.

Plan to be Banned Substance Limitation
B1 Brominated flame retardant except for PBBs and PBDEs < 800 ppm
B2 Antimony and its compound (Sb) <1000 ppm

*1、Pb Free products are defined as those products that could meet RoHS regulation.
*2、Green Products are defined as those products made by green compound and could meet notalso RoHS regulation but the
  restriction of Brominated flame retardant and Antimony (Sb).

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