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LED Lighting

LED Lighting

LED Light should definitely highlight the essential if something is the center of attention. MY-SEMI aim to create highly innovative decorating solutions which are ideal for Stages, TV studios, Show event, Architectural applications where the change of color is crucial and a precise lighting is required.

MY-SEMI’s technologies provide powerful intelligence, making it easy to interface with standard lighting protocols, whether the desire is to network and synchronize LED lights or to control each unit discretely.

MY-SEMI’s LED LIGHTING Drivers skillfully enhance color mixing fixture emitting unlimited rich and saturated color-hues. Fast response and None-signal loss can not only adapt the luminaries to most user demand but open up even more design options.

Minima limitations, maxima options--- only with MY-SEMI.

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Our Product Line

  1. MY9933- 3channels single-line addressing DMX512 LED driver
  2. MY9931- 3 channels auto addressing DMX512 LED driver
  3. MY9943
  4. MY9942
  5. MY9941
  6. MY9291
  7. MY9221
  8. MY9231

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