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3-Channel LED Driver With Grayscale Adaptive Pulse Density Modulation Control
General Description

*※Data Rate 10Mbps@10m (distance between pixels) ※

The MY9231, 3-channel (R/G/B x 1) constant current APDM (Adaptive Pulse Density Modulation) LED driver, operates over a 3V ~ 5.5V input voltage range. The device provides 3 open-drain constant current sinking outputs that are rated to 17V and delivers up to 350mA of high accuracy current to each string of LED. The current at each output is programmable by means of three external current setting resistors.

MY9231 features a 10MHz EMI reduction data clock input. MY9231 also offers a 2-wire serial interface to send the grayscale data, control command including 16/14/12/8-bit grayscale selection, output polarity selection for high power LED driving grayscale clock frequency division selection, output Tr/Tf timing selection, current output waveform selection, and to realize the internal-latch function. MY9231 provides adaptive pulse density modulation method to increase the visual refresh rate up to 2000 Hz @ 16-bit grayscale and reduce the flickers, and it also provides output polarity selection for high power LED driving. Moreover MY9231 utilizes clock duty recovery technique and pulse re-timing to help long distance and multiple cascading applications. MY9231 provides typical ±1.5% channel-to-channel LED current accuracy. Additional features include a ±0.1% regulated output current capability and fast output transient response.

MY9231 is available in QFN16、SSOP16 and TSSOP16(Exposed Pad) packages and specified over the -40°C to +85°C ambient temperature range.

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  • Indoor and Outdoor LED Video Displays
  • Full Color Mesh Display 
  • Full Color Dot Matrix Module
  • Architectural and Decorative Lighting
  • LCD Display Backlighting
Typical Operating Circuits 

             MY9231_Operating circuits.jpg

  • 3V ~ 5.5V Operating supply voltage
  • R/G/B x1 Output Channels
  • 5~350mA Constant current output range
  • 17V Rated output channels for long LED strings
  • ±1.5% (typ.) LED Current accuracy between channels
  • ±3% (typ.) LED Current accuracy between chips
  • 20Mbps (max.) data rate for EMI reduction [ patent pending ] 
  • 16 / 14 / 12 / 8 bit grayscale selection
  • Built-in internal grayscale clock supports refresh rate >2000Hz@16-bit grayscale
  • Grayscale clock frequency selection for High Power LED driving application
  • Grayscale clock source selection: internal or external
  • PWM or APDM control selection [ patent pending ]
  • Clock duty recovery for cascading application
  • Current setting by 3 external resistors
  • Schmitt trigger input
  • Output Current Tr / Tf programmable
  • -40°C to +85°C Ambient temperature range
Order Information
MY9231SS SSOP16-150mil-0.635mm 2500 pcs/Reel
MY9231TE TSSOP16-173mil-0.65mm 2500 pcs/Reel
MY9231QB QFN16-3mmx3mm 3000 pcs/Reel
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